A Large Format Printing Facility helping create memorable events.

The answer is yes. Now what’s the question?

Print Services

Whether it’s large format, small format or something roughly in between, we’re specialists in print services for a reason. (The reason is we’re great.)


Want manifestations installed around Europe? How about striking, scalable templates, or a full site survey? Whatever your need, we’ve got it covered.


Wahooti makes big statements with small budgets and extraordinary impressions with large ones – so you can leave the creative process to us; your ideas people.


From perennial favourites like stickers and clothing to bespoke electronics, there’s no merch we won’t do. The more ridiculous, the better.

Wahooti operates on a philosophy of ideas; if you can think it, it can be done.

We print and supply personalised solutions to suit every concept and budget, offering competitive pricing and a massive choice of paper and products. Whether simple and straightforward or exciting and outrageous, Wahooti is here to make it happen.