Bespoke Manifestation and Film

Enhance your space with manifestation graphics.

From window manifestations to privacy film.

Think of us as your manifestation specialists.

Wahooti applies stunning manifestation graphics to glass, canvas and other substrates. Whether for decoration or seclusion, our bespoke manifestation and film solutions showcase your brand in a practical, innovative way.

  • Decorative Film
  • DDA Dots
  • Manifestation Graphics
  • Privacy Frosting

In December, we had the challenge of having to open a new office space within 6 weeks. We needed frosting completed on all of the external walls to give privacy, but without blocking out all of the light. Wahooti were absolutely brilliant!

All we needed to do was provide the design of what we wanted and they did the rest! The installation was seamless and it looked amazing, so we were very happy!



Manifest it.

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