Health & Safety Assessment


Are you an employer having trouble planning the safe return of your workforce? Are you an employee worried about returning to your workplace?

Wahooti can provide comprehensive COVID-19 assessments helping ease the pressure for business owners and employees alike, allowing them to concentrate on reigniting the business to perform in a somewhat unknown future.

Option 1 – Self Assessment

Risk assessment template with pre-determined headings to ensure your COVID responsibilities follow all current Government expectations Pre-Written COVID-19 procedures for your workplace, staff & visitors. Includes nationally recognised Introduction to Risk Assessing online training course.

Option 2 – Consultant Assessment

Bespoke Risk assessment and procedures documents created by a Wahooti representative, requires a physical visit to the business premises.


Our Assessments are conducted in accordance with social distancing and provide clear guidance on numerous aspects including…

  • The safe use of shared toilet facilities
  • The safe use of Shared canteen, café and rest areas
  • The safe use of shared Changing facilities, Showers & Drying Rooms
  • The safe use of Access and egress routes such as stairs and Elevators
  • Recommendation on engineering controls such as barriers, Screens, and one-way systems
  • Written guidance on personal Hygiene regimes
  • Adaptations to existing emergency procedures including fire evacuation and first aid
  • Enhanced Cleaning regimes
  • Safe Waste disposal methods
  • The safe application of Personal protective Equipment including face shields, Masks, gloves, and coveralls
  • Safe and practical guidance on how to maintain 2m social distancing throughout the workplace
  • Written guidance on safe Travel arrangements including vehicle parking and cycle storage
  • Written guidance on safe practices for inward and outward resources such as deliveries



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