The new year fills people with a renewed lust for life. It’s the perfect time for a refresh on your business, whether this is your brand or your offering. With this, it is also time to bring in some well-planned, attractively-printed promotions. We have put together our top five new year promotion ideas that you can achieve through print.  


Reinvent your brand


If your branded collateral is starting to look a bit dated, the new year is a great opportunity to refresh your brand’s look and feel. New business cards, updated brochures or bespoke office graphics are all great ways to establish your brand’s new look and stir up a fresh batch of customers. Here at Wahooti we specialise in creating new assets for your brand, so simply send over your logo and colours with a brief on what you would like doing and we will get creative. 


Print a pitch-deck


Does your business usually get a holiday hangover? Service-based industries may see a drop-off of business directly after the Christmas break. It is important not to completely get rid of your services and bring new ones in as sometimes they just need that all important refresh. Start the new year strong with beautifully printed pitch decks to wow your next set of clients and win those crucial contracts.


Launch new products


New year, new products. Many retail businesses leverage the start of a new year to push all the exciting new products that have come into stock. If you are launching a new product range it is important that your customers know what’s on offer with a proper launch. Signage, packaging, displays and pop-up installations are all ways to help new products fly off the shelves.


Have a new year sale


A new year sale works wonders for both the retail and service industries. Excess Christmas stock taking up space on your shelves? Put it on sale. Clients aren’t calling up for services? Put on a special offer to kick-start business in the new year. Print some posters, stick up some window graphics and distribute flyers so your clients and customers know all about your new year’s offers.


Create an inspiring space


Want to inspire your employees and customers alike? Use the start of the new year to put the wind in their sails with a new office or store fit-out. Create a space they’ll never want to leave and get the new year off to a positive start. Wahooti designs, prints and installs amazing spaces. Let your imagination run wild, and let us take care of the rest.


These are just some of our ideas for the best new year’s promotions achieved through print. Whatever ideas you may have to get your year off to a strong start, share them with us! If you can think it, we can do it. Have a chat to the team today.