Our client, Scape, wanted a building full of personality to reflect the local culture. 

Their offering;

“Brighter rooms, brilliant buildings and a headstart for life after uni”

We explored designs and concepts for the interior graphics that would engage and entertain the students. Taking inspiration from History, architecture and the people of Brighton to make a unique space.


Craft Room

Utilising the large wall spaces we created simple, bold illustrations highlighting the creativity within.

FM Office Glazing

Mirroring past FM office glazing, we brought back the messenger bubbles. But being such an open space, it still needed privacy. Using three different frosting levels allows for portholes of clarity to be made throughout but still maintain security.

Social Study Skylight

Our client wanted to mimic a flock of seagulls, which would cast a moving shadow on the floor beneath each skylight. We used Opaque vinyl applied to the skylights to maximise cast shadows.

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