If you think print is past its prime, we’re here to change your mind. The technological revolution may be sweeping the globe, but print still matters, print advertising is still alive and working. The most obvious point to this, is we are still seeing ads in our magazines and newspapers aren’t we? So that means print is still alive and kicking!


We are going to take a look at four of the most important reasons that print is still important to your business. 


Attention, attention, attention


With all advertising, whether it’s print or digital your main aim is to grab the attention of your readers and customers. It can be very easy with print campaigns, as you can have them wherever you want, outside people’s favourite restaurants, on lampposts and bus shelters where hundreds of people walk each day – the places are endless. 


Of course, like any campaign you need to make sure you plan before you get stuck in, here at Wahooti we are here to listen to your ideas and help turn an idea into a reality. 


Higher ROI


With any project or campaign, the final result comes down to the ROI (Return on Investment). Usually, the pay off for print ads is higher than digital ads, this is usually down to print having a longer shelf life than digital. The perfect example of this is magazines and newspapers, you see them in shops, beauty salons and waiting rooms. If people keep flipping through the pages, they are more likely to get the message than if they see it once on a website or Google’s search results. 


People trust print.


With ads, promotions and fake news floating around online, it’s no surprise people are more inclined to trust print over digital. According to an AllBusiness Networks study, 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Huge.


It feels real.


Because you can actually feel it. Printed materials like magazines, brochures and textured wallpapers encourage you to interact on a deeper level – inviting you to touch, feel, smell and engage. So it’s not just physical; it’s emotional too.


See why print matters?

Hopefully the four points above have given you more of an understanding into why print is so important, we know we can’t win everyone over but we will give it a go. If you are wanting to know more about our print services and how we can promote your business, then please get in touch with us here